Carlene crawford & the city lights ep

Songs written by Carlene Crawford / Songs composed & performed by Carlene Crawford, Chris D'Abreau, Levi Jess, & Dan Ryan

[Vocals/keys: Carlene Crawford     Drums: Chris D'Abreau     Guitar: Levi Jess     Bass: Dan Ryan]

Songs recorded with Sam Scarpelli at Steamboat Island Records & August Hanson 

Mixing by August Hanson + Sam Scarpelli

Mastering by Jay Battle



New Ground EP

Self-produced from home studios in San Diego

 Music & Lyrics by Carlene Crawford / Beats by Anthony Cruz

Mixing + Mastering by Anthony Cruz



Based out of Seattle, WA, indie-pop band Carlene Crawford & The City Lights, often pulls from nostalgic 80’s electric guitar and jazz piano influences. Lead singer/keyboardist Carlene started journaling at a young age which has made a big impact on the way she writes; simple, to the point, and from the soul. She moved back to the Pacific Northwest after releasing EP New Ground (June 2016) in San Diego. In crossing paths at an open mic in Seattle, her original songs evolved with the creative influences of drummer Chris D’Abreau, guitarist Levi Jess and bassist Dan Ryan.


INSTAGRAM: @carlenevcrawford
TWITTER: @CarleneC96 

YouTube: Carlene Crawford & The City Lights